Work With Ann

Intuitive Mentorship: 

Ann enjoys mentoring those who wish to enhance their connection with Spirit to serve the highest good for themselves and others.  If you are ready to take your abilities to the next level, reach out to discuss Ann's approach and to tailor a program that's right for you.

Please inquire for pricing and availability.  

Mediumship Development Circle

The development circle has been around since the beginning of Mediumship. It is within a circle that bonds are made with the Spirit world, and personal unfoldment takes place. The Serving Spirit Development Circle is offered on Monday evenings at 5pm PST. All levels are welcome to join. Please Contact Ann for more information and the Zoom link.  

Circle is currently offered at no-charge to practicing Mediums

Working With Ann

Ann believes that we are all natural born Intuitives, however, few feel the calling for Mediumship and the special bond that comes from aligning and working with the Spirit world. Ann provides guidance and mentorship for those who wish to learn more. You can experience free events, presentations and community by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Believe. Know. Grow. 


Terms & Conditions: All fees are payable in advance of the session. Readings are for personal use only and at no time shall information provided replace professional medical, financial or legal advice.

*Mediumship and Psychic work is experimental in nature and the information imparted during a session is open to interpretation. What you do with the information is up to you and you release Ann Van Orsdel and all associates from any liability that may arise. You agree to allow information shared in your session to be used anonymously for educational, promotional or private use. At no time shall audio or video recording of your reading be shared in any public forum or domain (including social media) without prior written consent. Ann reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion.