Meet Ann 

Ann is a life-long student of Spirit. She has been able to feel and sense energy beyond the physical realm since childhood. In her early 30’s, she began personal development to better understand the new awareness that was calling her. During a training session, a well-known Medium told Ann that she would one day be working with Spirit on an international level. Ann felt this to be too incredible at the time, but over the years she has experienced undeniable proof that her life's mission was unfolding. 


Ann was told that her maternal grandmother was helping to develop her abilities for a broader purpose. Ann was only 3 years old when her grandmother passed and therefore had not known her in physical life. Over the next few years, Ann was given undeniable proof that this new bond was blooming into a beautifully guided partnership. 

Rather than doubt what she was experiencing, Ann welcomed the involvement of Spirit in her life and began the journey to understand how to apply this knowledge to help others. 

In 2016, Ann made her first visit to the acclaimed Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost educational destination for the advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences, in Stansted, England. Immediately upon stepping foot inside the halls, she felt as though she’d come home. Since that first visit, Ann has made several return trips to study Psychic Mediumship and Trance Healing in the UK and Netherlands. Using the knowledge and skills acquired over several years of intense training provides the foundation for Ann’s work. As a Transformational Coach and Mentor, she takes pride in helping others discover and apply their own natural abilities that lead to a life of enlightenment, joy and abundance.

"Ann, you are an incredible teacher and mentor. I've learned more from you in ONE session than I have in countless classes with other tutors. Thank you for inspiring me!"

~ Taylor


As a Certified (Medium & Healer) practitioner, Ann has completed rigorous evaluation and testing with The Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts as well as with Mark Ireland, co-founder of Helping Parents Heal and founder of Find A Certified Medium dot com. Certification involves the successful completion of several blind readings, and thorough professional assessments. Ann holds herself to the highest standards and ethics, and conducts her business accordingly.

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