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Happy Clients

I can't believe it's taken me three years and four sessions with you to write this. You have literally saved my LIFE! I was in such a dark place when God put you in my path and I will be forever grateful for your compassion and healing. My entire family thanks you and we look forward to many more connections in the coming months. I love you!

~ Debbie

Ann, since our call, I feel lighter and truly happy, for the first time in months. In fact, I took my dad's advice and started running again! Connecting with my father and brother has changed me beyond words. You provided so many incredible details, none of which you could have known without being genuine. Never doubt that what you do is 100% Gods work. Bless you!



Within the first few minutes of our phone reading, Ann asked if I could place the name Jack or Jake, but that this energy didn't feel human. Immediately she exclaimed - wait, Jake is a dog - a yellow lab, and he's bringing my dog (she also has a yellow lab in Spirit) with him! Somehow, through our connection, I have had peace and joy that I haven't felt in years. 

~ Tom

I have been studying Psychic and Mediumship for two years and recently completed Ann's Mentoring program. I can't say enough about her straight-forward approach and ability to explain how to work through challenges. I'm so blessed to have found my "person", my "coach" and look forward to what the future holds. 

~ Carla

As a grieving parent we are fragile and we need help from trusted sources. My trust in Ann was immediate. I’ve now had several readings with Ann. I always feel her compassion throughout the sessions. I shared my readings with my daughter, and treated her to her first reading with Ann. She was so unbelievably touched by her reading and it helped to give her hope and comfort in missing her baby sister.

~ Paula 

Ann's compassion and understanding of what our family had been through was so refreshing and comforting. She started my reading saying, "Your brother is wishing you Happy Birthday" and I was immediately in tears. My mom had gifted me this session for my birthday and it just happened to fall exactly on the date. Ann had no idea. What happened over the next hour blew my mind.

~ Carrie

I lost my dad nearly 20 years ago, but lately I've been feeling the urge to connect with him. When I had my session, the feelings coming over me were incredible and real. Ann not only brought through my dad, with great childhood memories that only we would know, but she also brought in a few others who I hadn't thought of in a long time.


I recently had a Mediumship reading with Ann that completely blew my skeptic mind. The love and compassion that Ann brought forward, along with evidence was overwhelming. She talked nearly the entire session time, without prompting! She mentioned details that included our anniversary, the month of my wife’s passing, both of our professions, and so much more.


~ Greg

My wife gifted me a session with Ann for my birthday. I had no idea what to expect. Immediately upon starting, Ann said that there were four people waiting to connect with me. I was in shock and could barely respond. The time went so fast and all I can say is WOW! I've gone from a complete skeptic to a true believer because of Ann. It remains one of the top three things I've ever experienced.

~ Brody

During my session, Ann gave me strong, evidential messages and life guidance that no other Intuitive has been able to do. She answered a long-standing question, and I am at peace having this closure. I am excited to apply your teachings to my own work and can't thank you enough! Keep doing what you are doing Ann - you are truly gifted." 

~ Martha 

Wow, wow, wow! I sat to write this email several times but words fail me when I try to express my gratitude. What can I say about talking to the most important people in my life, after they've transitioned to Spirit? It's truly life-changing. Many Mediums talk the talk, but few actually deliver. I can feel with every word that you are connected at a level that I can only dream of. 

~ Ashley

After a negative experience with another Medium, a friend recommended Ann. The first Medium gave me no evidence that she had actually contacted my husband. I had the opposite experience with Ann. She described my husband's personality perfectly and even got his name. She is nurturing, warm and caring. I highly recommend her!

~ Diane

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