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Forest Trees


If you’re reading these words, you’ve been guided here for any number of reasons, all related to enhancing the connection to your authentic, spiritual self.

Ann offers coaching, workshops, and healing sessions for individuals and small groups. Please complete the Contact form to reach out with questions or more information. 

Healing Session

Ann is a healing practitioner who works with individuals to bring holistic wellness solutions to life. Working in Altered States is a meditative awareness that requires advanced studies and dedication to develop.

*Ann is not a medical provider, nor does she provide health advice. Healing sessions do not replace professional medical advice by a licensed doctor or nurse.


Workshops & Events


Ann is proud to host educational seminars and workshops, often in collaboration with Internationally accomplished practitioners. She enjoys bringing people together to share a safe space for exploring higher-self and intuitive knowledge.

Training & Mentoring


Ann loves working with those who desire to develop their own abilities. As someone who has made Spiritual training a significant part of her life, Ann enjoys sharing her foundational approach and practical applications. Her approach is honest and evidential. She has many return students and this is a testament to her dedication in helping others unfold at their own pace in a gentle, loving environment.

Please complete the Contact form to inquire about individual mentorship. 

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