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The Journey Continues

You might think that because of my work, I'm not easily impressed with the information or situations that occur when engaging in Spiritual efforts. Not true. I'm in awe of what the Spirit world can do and feel that we're only touching the surface! The past several months I've completed dozens of private sessions, group trainings, 1:1 mentorship and personal studies - all of which I feel extremely blessed to experience. This has been the first year that I've had time to truly focus on my Spiritual work without the challenges of a full-time career. All that is about to change as I re-enter the workforce with an exciting new company, so I feel it's timely to share a bit more.

In March, during a private mentorship session with Nicole De Haas, I was fortunate to have my dad (he transitioned to Spirit on Nov. 19th 2020) join us to say hello! After welcoming me to the call, Nicole said, "I have someone named Larry here for you. Do you know who this is? Is it OK if he speaks to you?" Are you kidding? I told her that Larry is my dad and YES, I always want to hear from him! "He is telling me how happy he is to be able to work with you through your studies. He likes joining you in Amsterdam and London. He shows me a photo of him with JFK - do you understand this?" I knew exactly why my dad was showing this photo as I was just looking at it earlier that morning. It was taken at a caucus event in Iowa before his presidency. Keep in mind, Nicole is from The Netherlands and while she knows who JFK is, it certainly wouldn't be something she would expect to be discussing with me! "He asks that you let your mom know that he's working on visiting her in a dream and that soon you will feel his presence more in your work." This was a beautiful validation because I had been asking for his assistance. He then shared with me a specific message that allowed me to know the depth of his ability to understand the continuation of life. I am forever grateful to Nicole and my dad.

In April, I joined an international group of students once again at the acclaimed Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England for a week of Trance Healing & Communication with tutors Libby Clark and Sally Barnes. This experience allowed me to push through insecurities and begin to trust those working with my Trance Healing. All Trance (also known as Altered States) requires the Medium to get out of the way so the Spirit team can do their best work. This is incredibly difficult and I am committed to spending as much time as it takes to accomplish this form of Mediumship.

A special treat during the week at AFC was a beautiful gift bestowed on us by Libby. She hand made 32 soft hearts for her students. Throughout the week we held the hearts during meditation and practice. At the closing ceremony we each selected a heart to take home.

I'm currently three years into my Trance education and just beginning to explore what's meant to be. As part of my unfoldment, I sit weekly with two others via Zoom. Together our "circle" brings positive intentions for harmony and growth. We sit open to experience anything the Spirit world wishes to share. Sitting in circle is an important aspect of self-development for Trance or any other higher connection. By allowing myself to be free of worldly distractions, I feel and sense my Spirit helpers. To enhance my awareness, I sit in total darkness in a 6' x 6' cabinet (aka: guest room closet). My husband was kind enough to install black-out curtains on the inside which, when pulled shut, ensure that no light can enter the space. I've just started using red light so that my circle members can see me while on the web video.

Throughout our circle sittings, we've been blessed to witness lovely communication from our Spirit friends. Typically, this takes the form of philosophy or at times, personal messages for someone in the circle. What I experience during this time is the loving presence of my Spirit helper(s) and I'm aware of what's happening but without needing to interpret or think about the messages. As time goes on, I hope to be in a deep enough Trance state as to not recall anything that is being said. This is the ultimate goal.

In one recent sitting, we recorded the session as we do each week. This particular time we all felt the electricity in our individual rooms as we sat in support of the circle. As I relaxed into the Trance state, I quietly asked Spirit to let me know that they were there. I didn't think much about it until after the session. I went back to review the recording and was so pleased to receive a clearly captured EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) exactly :03 seconds before I began to speak through Altered States. On the recording we received this short message from the other side: "We're Here, We're Here"! Wow - how special is that?! I was so thrilled that my Spirit team heard my request and responded enthusiastically.

I am blessed to once again travel to AFC in December for both Trance and Mental Mediumship studies. Each trip brings new skills, friendships and confidence that can be found only through deep immersive experiences. If you are curious about exploring Trance or other Psychic/Mediumship practices, reach out - I'm always happy to discuss the journey.

With Love,


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I am so happy to read all that is transpiring in your life. Sending love!


Deb Behrendt
Deb Behrendt
07 nov. 2022

Love this Ann, your growth and freedom to learn has been a joy to watch. You truly have the gift and I am blessed to know you. ❤️Deb

Ann Van Orsdel
Ann Van Orsdel
07 nov. 2022
Reageren op

Thank you Deb! I’m so grateful ❤️🦋

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