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Trance and Physical Mediumship

On November 26th I departed Phoenix, AZ for The Netherlands. The "Trance & Physical Mediumship" course, taught by my friend and mentor of three years, Nicole De Haas, had been in my development plan for over a year. I was delighted to spend four days studying with 32 other students from around the world. This was my second time in Holland and marked my fifth international travel for Mediumship development.

Nicole is an internationally acclaimed Mental, Trance and Physical Medium and her abilities are among the best in the world. With only a handful of Physical Mediums practicing publicly today, it's an honor to receive quality instruction and access to the unseen world in this way. For those new to Trance and Physical Mediumship, both are quite rare and there are few opportunities to study under authentic tutors. Trance is a form of "mental Mediumship" and includes allowing the Spirit world to blend with the Medium's auric field for both healing and Spirit communication. Physical Mediumship, once more prevalent in years gone by, is fascinating, and in my opinion, stands out as The Ultimate Proof that life does not end with physical death.

Throughout our group's time together in Holland, we sat for the Spirit world in harmony, listened to lectures and joined together for experimental exercises. The week proved, once again, to be life-changing. I was blessed to have a clairvoyant visit from a famous United States historical figure (who passed to the world of Spirit in the mid 1800's). Additionally, I spoke directly with two of Nicole's Spirit team members who provided words of wisdom and engaged in Q&A sessions with the class. I can assure you that talking with a Spirit person who has been gone from this earth for over 100 years is exhilarating and highly emotional. There were many tears of awe and gratitude throughout the week. It is during sessions like these, when you experience your soul being touched by a love that doesn't exist in the physical life, that you realize we are all part of something far greater than ourselves.

It is my pleasure to share through my own Mediumship. Just this week, Spirit encouraged me to increase my teaching and mentoring programs so that I may reach more people. If you are reading these words, you have been guided here for a higher purpose. I look forward to supporting you on your Spiritual journey.

Spirit is truly incredible!

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